Special Care


Teeth Maintenance & Therapeutic Treatments


Having your canine’s teeth & gums cleaned and maintained not only help reduce tar build-up, gingivitis and bad breath. It also helps cut back visits to your veterinarian office for teeth cleaning…especially for older dogs.


For pets with different skin problems, we offer Therapeutic Bath Treatments such as Oatmeal, Anti-Fungal, Anti-Itch, etc. (Please provide prescription shampoo provided by your veterinarian)

Special Services for Older & Sensitive Pets


To help reduce the stress experienced by separation anxiety, age or health issues, special arrangements can be made so that your pet gets to go home sooner. Please call 212-628-6288 for more information about appointments and additional charges.


Salon services are available by appointment only but occasionally we do accommodate same day appointments if an opening should come available due to cancellation.