Doggie Playcare


Dogs are highly social animals. Doggie Playcare is an invaluable service for canines and their owners. Many of us just don't have time to exercise and socialize our dogs. Yet our dogs need to spend time romping and socializing with a "pack". Socialization also builds confidence in many dogs that are timid or fearful.

Finishing Touches by Stephanie provides a supervised, personal, safe & clean environment where dogs can play, exercise and benefit from being pampered and cared for when you can't be with them.




    Single Day Visit                           $45.00

    5 Day Package                             $175.00 ($35 Per Day)      

    15 Day Package                           $450.00 ($30 Per Day)     

    25 Day Package                         $700.00  ($28 Per Day) 

 INTRODUCTORY OFFER - 1ST & ONE TIME ONLY ( Expires in 2 Weeks )

                        4 Day Package $100.00

 • TWO Complimentary One-On-One Relief Walks are included (Additional Walks are $10 per walk)
 • Daycare Feeding - $5/Feeding (Pet Owners will provide food)

 • Pick-Ups/Drop-Offs:  $15 & Up ( Depending on location)

 • Playcare Hours - Monday - Friday - 7.30am - 7.30pm



All dogs attending Playcare are required to :

• Be at least Four Months Old & Fully Vaccinated.
• Be in general good health, Clean & Good Condition, FREE FROM FLEAS & TICKS.

• Be Spayed or Neutered - Puppies under seven months of age are exempted.

Prior to a Trial Day Visit, all pets must have completed Release Forms & Copy of Health Certificate showing EXPIRATION DATES of :

                                     RABIES, DISTEMPER / PARVO and BORDETELLA

• Also provide a SEPARATE COPY of RABIES CERTIFICATE including the following :

                                                All Rabies Vaccine Informaton

                                                Owner/s & Pet/s Information

                                                    Markings/Color of Pet/s

                                     *** Veterinarian's SIGNATURE & LICENSE # ***


 Click to Register your pet for Playcare or Overnight Boarding with our downloadable form.

Printable PDF Form to Register your pet for Playcare or Overnight Boarding.